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Our Story

Paphos General Hospital, a vital part of SHSO’s network, offers comprehensive primary and secondary care along with specialized services, ensuring top-notch healthcare solutions for all.

Rooted in a commitment to excellence and community well-being, Paphos General Hospital traces its origins to a vision of accessible and quality healthcare for all.

Having served a wide spectrum of patients over the years, ranging from local residents to international visitors, Paphos General Hospital consistently delivers exceptional medical care.

Core Values

Our guiding principles drive our commitment to patient care and medical excellence.


At the heart of our practice, compassion fuels our dedication to providing comfort and quality care to every patient.


Embracing continuous improvement and cutting-edge technology, we strive to innovate and elevate our healthcare services for better patient outcomes.


With an unwavering focus on ethical practices and transparency, we uphold integrity in all our interactions and healthcare services.

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